Thelma & Louise Antwerp

At Thelma & Louise we have a passion for women and for their stories. We love to reconcile the modern and the classic, the trendy and the timeless, the Thelma and the Louise, to make fashion for the ever-evolving women of today. Our collections are comfortable yet chic, feminine yet powerful and our Belgitude stems from our use of stylish prints, unpretentious styling and compelling colours.

“The two women complete each other perfectly and form a match made in wardrobe heaven.”


Since 2008, Thelma & Louise Antwerp has been designing ready-to-wear collections for Belgian women who love colourful prints and consciously opt for qualitative materials and beautiful details. In 2017, Marie and Liza, our real-life Thelma and Louise, took the helm of the brand and brought a breath of fresh air into the collections, wholeheartedly committing to their Belgitude.